Pisgah Cemetery is in Kennamer Cove, Alabama, adjacent to the Kennamer family pavilion where the reunion is held, and not far from the original Hans Kennamer homestead. It is located about three miles south of Woodville, Alabama, between Woodville and Grant. The earliest documented burials were in 1821 and it remains in use today. There are about 250 graves in the cemetery, a little over half of which have the surname Kennamer. Other common surnames are Elkins, Hill, Page, and Woodall.

These pictures were taken from the grounds of the cemetery, overlooking the Cove.  Hans Kennamer's homestead was at the base of the low rise in the middle distance. Click on one to see a larger version (warning: the last three are quite large).


These pictures are of the cemetery itself.


Directions to Kennamer Cove and the cemetery are here.

I have pictures of a few of the tombstones in the cemetery here.


An inventory of the burials at the cemetery was compiled by the Pisgah Cemetery Committee in 1999.



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